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World Heart Day: Stress due to inadequate rest and heavy work load

On the eve of the World Heart Day, observed on September 29, a poll conducted by ICICI Lombard General Insurance reveals 80% of male respondents are under stress, more than their female counterparts (74%). When questioned about stress, inadequate rest (52%) and heavy work load (51%) emerged as the reasons behind triggering the condition amongst respondents. Moreover, 78% of the respondents believe stress is the chief trigger for heart ailments. This view was common irrespective of the gender and geography of respondents.

The survey also states that heart ailments (67%) and high blood pressure (55%) are the main disorders caused by stress. However, women, especially from the non-metros (74%) do not attribute heart related ailments to stress.
World Heart Day is observed specifically to spread awareness about the factors that affect the human heart. Every year, the occasion is observed with a different theme with the theme in 2016 being ‘Light Your Heart, Empower Your Life’.
Lack of physical exercise was cited as one of the reasons for cardio vascular diseases with 56% of respondents voting the same, followed by obesity (46%). As a natural corollary, 54% of respondents believe that by making exercising a daily routine can help in avoiding heart ailments followed with limiting calories (49%). When it comes to one’s diet, majority population (27%) prefers a low cholesterol diet with more number of female respondents (30%).
The survey also shows that 68% of respondents have health insurance policy to manage health related expenses. Male respondents (14%) claim increasing the coverage of their health insurance on a regular basis to make provisions for any emergency whereas majority of females (25%) save money regularly to manage health related expenses.
The survey also concludes those having health insurance and are not stressed are more confident with regarding their heart condition. Additionally, a high percentage of respondents (68%), the survey polled, own a health insurance policy to manage health related expenses.
Commenting on the survey, Sanjay Datta, Chief – Underwriting & Claims, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. said, “At ICICI Lombard, we are focused on enhancing our Health & Wellness offerings and thereby address the critical health related needs of our customers. It is heartening to note the perceptible shift of people who are now taking into account heart ailments and the reasons that trigger them. The World Heart Day provides us with another opportunity to pursue our goals as we aim to create higher awareness about the necessity of de-stressing ourselves.”
ICICI Lombard conducted the national wide survey in the age group 25-55 to which they received over 1,100 responses spread across 11 cities.

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