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Inspirria Cloudtech bags Premier 100 Award 2016 for taking Cloud Services to the Next Level

Inspirria Cloudtech, the first of its kind Cloud Service Broker (CSB) or Cloud Aggregator in the country, has been named as a winner in the Premier 100 Awards 2016 for delivering reliability and business-grade performance in Cloud Services. Their unique solutions/products enable companies to take advantage of the latest technologies, efficiencies and innovations.

For over a decade, Inspirria Cloudtech and it’s management has been adding value to companies opting for a cloud with their cutting edge business solutions. The reason to choose Inspirria Cloudtech for the third time from a pool of cloud service providers is because of their unique traits such as, technological innovations, quality of management, execution of strategies, and industry integration. Inspirria Cloudtech’s unique CSB approach to cloud delivery allows customers to aggregate multiple cloud services with integration of in-house apps. As a result, they can customize the services as per their requirements.

Biswas Nair, Founder & Managing Director at Inspirria Cloudtech said, “Being recognised as the winner consecutively for three years from amongst so many companies is a great accomplishment for us. It reflects our efforts and commitment towards customer and cloud technology, thereby adding credibility to the company. We assure that with ever changing demands of the customers, we will keep providing innovative and ground-breaking cloud solutions to serve them better.”

Inspirria Cloudtech has been leaving its footprints across the globe with the unique cloud aggregator approach; lately they have expanded their cloud portfolio with leading cloud solutions. To cater better services to worldwide customers, they have offices in India, Dubai, US and Canada. With over 400+ customers globally, Inspirria Cloudtech has the capabilities to add real value to global organizations as it provides real-time business intelligence, accelerates business processes and reduces IT costs.

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