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Arvind Internet Limited announces the launch of its new omni-channel initiative

Arvind Internet Limited, a division of Arvind Limited brings together the best of the online and offline fashion shopping and launches India’s first true omni-channel fashion portal – seamlessly integrates online and in-store shopping moments to bring a new way to shop to the Indian market – same-day delivery; store pick-ups for online orders, same-day hassle free returns at stores, and India-wide inventory access to customers are a few of the key benefits that this portal brings to Indian consumers.

The unification of what were previously separate and disparate online and offline shopping experiences allows consumers to expedite shopping journeys by re-thinking the online/offline interaction model. Customer can now shortlist online, select the nearest store for pickup or have the item delivered from a nearby home to their location, all within 4-6 hours. Customers can also return any unwanted items immediately at a nearby store, reducing the 7+ days needed for returns/refund processing that plagues most online portals toddy. encourages hyper-local urban shopping–products that are not available in your size can be bought at the store through the NNNOW ordering system and can be delivered to you or held for pickup at another store during, all in the same-day. focuses on “experiential” commerce by building richer, connected online+in-store journeys that help solve core customer fashion shopping needs most effectively. This approach, contrasting directly with the winner-takes-all-GMV-at-all-cost models focused on immediate conversion incentives, leverages Arvind’s end-to-end network to tackle consumers’ perennial fashion shopping headaches. also brings a new way for customers to experience their favourite brands through dedicated brand stores that offer the most comprehensive collection and rich content and curation directly from the brands.

“The e-commerce retail market is among India’s most exciting and fastest-growing markets. It is poised to be worth USD 36.7 billion by 2020. Growing at a CAGR of approximately 52%, the Indian ecommerce industry is at a crossroads of experience vs. access with incumbents desperately seeking validation from a fickle customer base. Against this backdrop, we have seen a distinct positioning for ourselves with omni-channel and hyper-local business models as both of these require a sound offline operating system and given the unparalleled store network of Arvind, is the most logical step towards building a new digital Arvind.” said Mr. Kulin Lalbhai, Executive Director, Arvind Limited.

Mr. Kulin further adds, “Delivery speed, warehouse infrastructure, better service capabilities online and offline, technology, price parity and new age innovations will make experiential commerce successful. That’s what is all about. We’ve brought up to speed most of our retail outlets to enable experiential features of with finely tuned operational efficiencies. Arvind is home to a host of giant international fashion and beauty brands like Gap, Calvin Klein, Gant, Nautica, Aeropostale, US Polo, The Children’s Place and Sephora amongst others and we are curating fashion stories and content to instil conversation with the consumers online.”

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