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A social camera app launched by Vebbler!

Vebbler has launched a new photo app for groups, and aims to become the largest consumer-internet app coming out of India. Vebbler is a camera-first app designed to make sharing of photos easy between groups at night outs, vacations and celebrations. While people love taking photos together, the process of later sending them to each other is extremely cumbersome, and Vebbler promises to make that happen in one single-tap.

With Vebbler, sending and receiving photos will become a breeze and no one will require begging and bugging friends to send photos via instant messaging apps, USB drives or cloud folders anymore. What’s more – one can express themselves on each photo through stunning filters, quick captions and candid reactions.

Sahil Bhagat, CEO and Founder, Vebbler said, “Vebbler was always built as a platform for people to share moments with private groups, or as we call it – Clubs. Vebbler helps you share photos instantly with one or multiple clubs directly from the camera. The App is perfect for one-time events like road trips and music concerts, or recurring moments like those your college friends and family. It is private and enables you to share moments that you’d probably not share on other public platforms. It isn’t a photo management app that organizes your photos based on location or facial recognition. They are a camera app that’s social by design, allowing people to instantly share photos with each other in real-time.”

Vebbler has already garnered 20,000+ App downloads.

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